Who is mediator?

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Mediator is a person who facilitates communication between the parties and helps the mediation participants reach a mutually satisfactory solution.  Mediator is neither a judge nor an arbitrator - his/her role is not to decide the dispute that has arisen out between the parties. He/she must remain neutral and impartial.

Who may be a mediator?

  • in civil cases

Any natural person with full legal capacity, enjoying full civil rights, may be a mediator. A mediator may not be a judge, except for retired judges.
Lists of permanent mediators are kept by mediation centres and forwarded to presidents of regional courts.   Mediation centres independently determine requirements and qualifications to be met
by a person wishing to be included in the list of permanent mediators.

  • in criminal and juvenile cases

Lists of mediators and trustworthy institutions engaged in mediation in criminal and juvenile cases are kept by presidents of regional courts.

How can I find a mediator?

List of mediators are published on websites of the courts.
They are also made available to interested parties at the premises of the courts.

Information about mediators can be also found on websites of mediation centres.

Who bears the cost of mediation?

  • in civil case mediation the costs shall be paid by the parties in whole.

In out-o-court mediation, the amount of costs shall be determined by the  parties to the dispute with the mediator in the mediation agreement.

For mediation initiated as a result of a court decision, costs of mediation are defined in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 30 November 2005 on the amount of mediator's remuneration and reimbursable expenses in civil proceedings.

  • in criminal and juvenile case mediation, the costs shall be covered by the Government



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